Vocational education and training in the United Kingdom: Short description

This publication on vocational education and training (VET) in the United Kingdom (UK) has been prepared to coincide with the UK presidency of the European Union Council. It is part of Cedefops series of short descriptions and continuing work on VET systems in all the EU Member States. Descriptions of the national systems can be found within Cedefops European Training Village on the web .

The information was provided by the UK ReferNet at Qualifications and Curriculum Agency (QCA) in consultation with its partners across the UK: the Department for Education and Skills, TUC, CBI, the Scottish Executive and SQA, the Welsh Assembly, ELWa and ACCAC, and the Department for Employment and Learning of Northern Ireland. This text has been prepared by Ms Natalia Cuddy along with other colleagues and in close cooperation with Ms Sylvie Bousquet of Cedefop. We wish to express our thanks to all colleagues who have been involved in this publication. The UK social partners representatives on Cedefops Governing Board were consulted.

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