As learning outcomes come to the forefront as a main descriptive tool for vocational education and training (VET), Cedefop invites VET practitioners to contribute actively to the discussion at European Union level and to help shape future practice by taking part in a dedicated survey.

Almost all European countries are now actively using learning outcome (or competence) statements to define, review and refine their qualifications, curricula, and programmes.

However, a mere definition of learning outcomes does not trigger by default change in teaching, assessment and learning. In fact, little is known about the actual impact of learning outcomes on these practices in vocational schools and apprenticeships.

To learn more, Cedefop is launching a survey of VET practitioners, in particular teachers, in-company trainers, school principals and curriculum coordinators. The focus is on those in Bulgaria, Finland, France, Ireland, Lithuania, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, and Slovenia.

The survey will help explore the awareness, perceived usefulness and actual application of the learning outcomes approach in initial vocational education and training (IVET). It will also examine the guidance and support VET practitioners get with using learning outcomes.

Please, take part in the survey, have your voice heard and share your views, by clicking here.

You have the option to choose from ten languages.

Your answers will help inform EU-level discussions and shape future practice in VET.