Trainers have a key role in delivering high quality work-based learning. The Swedish national agency for education (Skolverket) has launched a web-based training of trainers programme at work-places engaged in initial vocational education and training (VET).

VET providers in Sweden are responsible for initial VET in upper secondary school and adult education. The proportion of work-based learning varies depending on the learning pathway. In upper secondary school, at least 12.5% of work-based learning should be included in school-based programmes; apprenticeship programmes include at least 50%.

The training of trainers at the work-place programme is free of charge. It includes the equivalent of two days of education covering four introductory general modules and a supplementary module that addresses apprenticeship. Web-based training has been developed, recognising the situation and challenges workplaces – and particularly small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) – may encounter. Training is modular and may be followed online in a flexible way whenever and wherever it suits the trainer. It has been developed for a wide range of devices, including smartphones and tablet computers. Each module deals with a specific area and contains small scenes with interactive exercises including films and sketch notes.

Web-based training allows trainers to comment and share experiences with other trainers. Modules may also be offered in a blended way, combining e-learning with workshops or seminars. Conferences are organised to launch discussions between VET teachers, trainers and company representatives about how training programmes may be carried out and disseminated.

After completing the programme, a certificate can be printed. VET providers can apply for additional government grants per apprentice and year; 83% is earmarked for employers receiving students. Workplaces can also receive a surplus if supervisors have participated in a training programme approved by the national agency for education, such as the web-based training described above.

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