The project Development of programmes for upskilling in continuing vocational education and training 2017–22 (the PINPIU project) began in 2017. PINPIU aims to develop new formal VET programmes for vocational upskilling of employees at the same level of education. The programmes will help individuals to acquire, improve and strengthen those competences that they and companies need to deal successfully with improved and new technologies, as well as with the changes in the nature of work.

Two types of formal continuing vocational education and training (CVET) programmes are foreseen for employees, in line with their level of education: one for employees with completed upper secondary VET (ISCED 354) and the other for those who have achieved higher vocational programmes (ISCED 540). Programmes will provide at least 10 and at most 35 credit points and will last half of a school year in most cases. Employers will initiate programmes for upskilling and will cooperate with VET providers to develop them. The Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training (CPI) plays a supportive role in implementing the ideas. CPI coordinates the PINPIU project, mainly in developing the methodology for preparation of the upskilling programmes, facilitating activities for the development of CVET programmes in the future (evaluation, promotion) and preparing 20 pilot programmes.

The PINPIU project aims to fill the gap in training provision, especially for workers who are employed in smaller companies and are less likely to participate in CVET. This will make it easier for employees to retain their jobs, as their knowledge will be upgraded and updated. PINPIU will also help companies increase their competitiveness in their economic sector.