Cedefop, in cooperation with the European Commission and Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI), invites to a Peer Learning Conference on the issue of national qualifications framework (NQF) impact. The purpose of the event is to stimulate an open and critical reflection on the current and future role of NQFs.

Do national qualifications frameworks (NQFs) make a difference – how to measure and evaluate impact of NQFs?

NQF developments in Europe have been rapid. Before 2005, qualifications frameworks were in place in 3 European countries – in France, Ireland and UK. By 2017, NQFs have been introduced by all 39 countries taking part in the implementation of the EQF.        

Given that these NQFs are increasingly operational, questions regarding their added value and their impact are timely. The following key questions will be addressed:

  • What would be lost if your country did not have an NQF?
    • For whom do NQFs make a difference?
    • How do NQFs make a difference?
    • Under which conditions do NQFs make a difference?
  • What kind of evidence is currently available to provide insights about the impact of NQFs
    • In Europe?
    • Internationally?
  • What kind of evidence may be required in the future to measure and evaluate the impact of NQFs?
    • What useful base-line data or indicators could help to explain the impact of NQFs and help to maintain political support for NQFs?
    • Which methodologies are most appropriate for measuring and evaluating the impact of NQFs?
  • What kind of European cooperation on NQF impact assessment is possible and desirable; can national approaches feed into the overall assessment of the EQF?

Participants are expected to contribute actively to the event and conclusions from the different working sessions will be brought together in a final note to be discussed by the EQF Advisory Group.