Learner voice in quality assurance of vocational education and training (VET) becomes stronger with the help of the Erasmus+ project EQAVET-NRP-RO (European quality assurance in VET national reference points) that runs in 59 VET schools and supports development of the methodology for collecting and analysing learner feedback.

The National Centre for TVET Development, acting as national reference point for quality assurance in VET, collected a total of 3 628 learner responses: 1 978 in 2019-20 and 1 650 in 2020-21, through an online platform. The results and their analysis aim to support education policies that have an impact on adapting training programmes to learner needs. At national level, improvements in collecting learner feedback also contribute to the development and testing of additional elements of the EQAVET framework by addressing EQAVET+ descriptors related to the achievement and assessment of learning outcomes.

Project information and feedback analysis is available at the GNAC website (in Romanian).