The document sets out the objectives and ideas that President Barroso believes should inspire a political partnership between the Commission and the Parliament for the next five years.

President Barroso said: "Europe is facing stark choices in today's interdependent world. Either we work together to rise to the challenges. Or we condemn ourselves to irrelevance. I will redouble my efforts to make an ambitious Europe happen. A Europe that puts people at the heart of the policy agenda and projects European values and interests in the world. A Europe that nurtures new sources of growth and drives forward smart regulation of sound markets that work for people. A Europe of freedom and solidarity."

On setting priorities in a longer term perspective:

A vision for EU 2020: "We need to revise the current Lisbon strategy to fit the post 2010 period, turning it into a strategy for convergence and coordination to deliver on this integrated vision of EU 2020. This will require both immediate and longer term action:

  • Making a successful exit from the crisis;
  • Leading on climate change;
  • Developing new sources of sustainable growth and social cohesion;
  • Advancing people's Europe;
  • Opening a new era for Global Europe."

On boosting the new sources of growth and social cohesion: "We cannot rely forever on short-term stimulus. New sources of growth will have to take up the baton sources of growth that are sustainable." "In order to ensure that the EU exploits this potential for change and remains an attractive industrial location in 2020, we need a fresh approach to industrial policy, supporting industry, putting the emphasis on sustainability, innovation and the human skills needed to keep EU industry competitive in world markets. I am committed to a policy that continues to remove unnecessary administrative burdens and provide the legal certainty companies need to make the long term investments."


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