Poland has many types of qualifications, many ways of awarding them and many institutions that award them on the basis of various laws. However, the different parts of the system do not collectively form a coherent and orderly whole. Consequently, when Poland started work on developing a national qualifications framework, it also had to tackle the broader challenge of introducing systemic solutions in the field of qualifications.

In its strategic document entitled Perspectives for Lifelong Learning, the Government has announced the establishment of a coherent national qualifications system based on learning outcomes. This system will comprise all State activities associated with formal recognition of learning outcomes of all types, with the Polish Qualifications Framework (PQF) as its central element. The new system will include a variety of pathways for the acquisition of qualifications, for example wider introduction of clear procedures for the transfer and accumulation of credits (ECTS, ECVET), a move that will make qualifications more accessible. Quality assurance standards, adopted in line with the EQF principles, will form an important element of the system. The transformation of the Polish qualifications system follows the principles underpinning the common policy agreed by the Member States of the European Union.


Poland NQF development