Employer participation in training is a government priority. VET schools and companies need better cooperation to allow learners to acquire skills and knowledge needed in the labour market. The government also believes employers are its key partners in designing VET policies.

In summer 2017, the Ministry of National Education announced an ESF-supported EUR 5 million call for grants Practical training under actual conditions. This aims at increasing employer participation in VET through more efficient school-employer cooperation models, including analysis of in-company training costs and quality assurance options. Eligible activities also include piloting the models in 2018/19 and recommendations for legislation amendments.

Social partners (sectoral and regional employers, organisations and trade unions), economic and professional self-governing bodies, research institutes and higher education institutions working in ten sectors ([1]) may participate in the call.


[1] Administration and services, construction, electrical and electronics, the arts, mechanics, mining and metallurgy, agriculture-forestry, tourism-food services, medicine and social services.

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