A new regulation was added to the Education Act in June 2015 to clarify the connection between formative and final assessment. The new provision emphasises that the competence the learner shows progressing along the educational pathway will have an impact on the final assessment.

Framework for formative assessment

The curriculum, with learning outcomes, describes the competence the learner is expected to develop and influences the training content. It is statutory and fundamental to the schools’ planning and implementation of the training, including mobility experiences.

A clear framework for formative assessment will strengthen quality of education and learning outcome through learning and competence development promotion and by providing feedback for training adjustment. Formative assessment provides information on the learner’s professional learning outcome throughout the educational pathway; both teachers and students will use this information to plan the learning process and motivate the student to work continuously throughout the training period.

Formative assessment of learning abroad

Learning acquired abroad through international mobility projects is integrated in the educational pathway and provides part of the final assessment. The new regulation creates the potential for improved formative assessment of a learning period abroad.

The Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education will work to create and develop a framework for continuous assessment in VET mobility in cooperation with the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training.