A Cedefop online database provides information on how apprenticeships are financed in the EU Member States.

It presents financing arrangements for apprenticeships at system level, including the main sources of funding and financial flows, the characteristics and the level of some apprenticeship costs (such as apprentices wages/allowances, social insurance costs) and the volumes of funding involved.

The new tool also offers detailed descriptions of the main financing instruments implemented to incentivise employers to provide apprenticeship places and encourage individuals to take on apprenticeship training. These include training funds based on levies, tax incentives for companies and grants for companies and individuals.

The database covers about 20 EU countries for which Cedefop has identified the mainstream apprenticeship schemes. It presents about 30 financing arrangements for apprenticeships and describes over 50 financing instruments. The data refers to information collected in 2017.

There is easy access to data at system level (financing arrangements for apprenticeship schemes) and at financing instrument level. The database offers mapping across countries as well as cross-scheme and cross-instrument comparisons along several variables relevant to apprenticeship financing.

A significant amount of data on financing apprenticeships is brought together for the first time. The tool relies largely on the information provided by national experts in the framework of the Cedefop study on ‘Financing apprenticeships/dual VET in the EU’.

Cedefop welcomes feedback from database users who wish to contribute to refining the tool content and the way it is presented. You can use the feedback form in the database or contact Patrycja Lipinska Patrycja.Lipinska@cedefop.europa.eu or Vlasis Korovilos Vlasis.Korovilos@cedefop.europa.eu to let us know what (and how) can be further improved.