The "Manifesto for Creativity and Innovation in Europe" is one of the key outcomes of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009. The document is the result of a collective work of the Ambassadors of the Year, who are leading European personalities from the fields of culture, science, business, education and design.

With its 'Seven Commandments', the Manifesto will help shape the EU's strategy for promoting creativity and innovation for the next decade.

The Manifesto calls for investment in upgrading skills for unemployed workers using private and public funds.

It emphasises the need for cultivating imagination and creativity if Europe is to innovate its way out of the economic crisis.

It proposes a range of policies which can be the basis for delivering a fairer and greener society.

Retraining teachers and encouraging lifelong learning are highlighted as a priority, with greater attention paid to critical thinking and design at all levels of the education system.

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