The Employment Summit was held in Prague to assess the impact of the current financial and economic crisis on employment, to identify good practices in mitigating the worst effects of the crisis, to improve the employment situation to the future, to stimulate coordination between the Union, its Member States and social partners, and to contribute to the forthcoming June European Council.

The agreed principles and recommendations include:

  • improved coordination of economic, employment and social policies, respecting the rules of the internal market and rejecting protectionism - including systematic monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of the measures introduced,
  • allowing for a future economic recovery and preparing the labour markets for their future needs,
  • improving the business and investment environment as a means of creating new jobs;
  • maintaining existing jobs, e.g. through temporary working time changes combined with training of employees, support for disadvantaged groups of people on the labour market, investment in upgrading skills and adjusting skills to the needs of the labour market, an active employment policy, re-qualification, linking education and practical training and enhancing the efficiency of employment public services,
  • eliminating obstacles to labour mobility during transfers between professions and between Member States

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