The main lines of education policy and priority projects for the coming years were recently presented by the Minister of Education.  

Offering the best future perspectives to each child and young person is the common ambition of 85 projects/initiatives that the minister intends to accomplish as part of the government programme.

Four new platforms were put in place at the beginning of the school year 2015/2016:

  • the Internet site, dedicated to education policy and projects, informs on developments and reforms within the three main areas (childhood, education and training, and youth) and nine axes of work that include multilingualism, partnership with parents, teacher training, guidance and counselling, programmes and teaching materials (e.g. digital education), decentralisation/ autonomy. It enables insights into the continuing transformation processes and their inter-relatedness;
  • the blog presenting Education Ministry news and giving people the chance to voice their opinion;
  • a series of conferences on education and training, bringing together representatives of all actors;
  • tours by minister to the schools for improved communication with teachers, pupils and parents.

The approach supports the Education Ministry’s aim to interact and communicate directly with their partners and stakeholders and to respond better to their needs and concerns.

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