In the productive sector, considerable progress is taking place in the development of processes, machines and materials, requiring a permanent adjustment of skilled worker profiles. Further, limitations of natural resources, environment protection and the recycling of materials constitute main challenges for the industry, which has been investing for years in the development of new materials and efficient recycling structures. To respond to these changing needs, the vocational aptitude diploma programme ‘Specialised agent in smart materials’ was introduced in the school year 2020/21.

The new dual training programme lasts three years and learners need to have concluded an apprenticeship contract with an enterprise to be eligible to enrol. Students follow training in companies for two to four days per week, based on the companies’ specific occupational requirements. The remaining days learners visit a secondary school, where the main teaching language is German, while French is taught as a second language. The school-based training includes:

  • 3D printing and plan reading;
  • setting, adjustment and control of machines;
  • nature of materials (metals, plastics, rubber, composites);
  • manual manufacturing of components in materials;
  • injection moulding;
  • use of different synthetic materials;
  • recycling of materials;
  • protection of the environment.

Graduates will be qualified to work in the industrial sector in various occupations, ranging from rubber tyre, manufacture of tubular constructions, composite panels, and constructions, or plastic moulding of bottles, furniture, and household items. They will be qualified to:

set up machines and automatic production facilities, to operate and supervise them and to build custom-made constructions;
assure the quality of processes and products;
consider environment protection and the effective use of resources;
recycle raw materials and parts of existing systems.

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Smart materials FM (in DE)

Agent spécialisé en Smart Materials [Skilled worker in smart materials]  

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