The Guidance House launched a new web portal in December 2019 providing information on VET and professional orientation.

The new web portal offers convenient, quick and user-friendly access to numerous existing sources of information about initial and continuing education and training (IVET and CVET), work life, career change, and professional reorientation, as well as financial aid, psycho-social guidance and accompaniment for special needs. The primary objective is to provide guidance and support to young people alongside citizens of all ages in making educational and professional choices. The new platform is user-centred, allowing young people and adults to access information about various services with a single click.

The mission of The Guidance House is to offer a one-stop shop, connecting services under one roof. These include those specialised in guidance and psycho-social support for secondary education including IVET (CEPAS), in professional and career path guidance for the general public (Service Orientation), as well as the department of National Service for Youth, (Local Antennae for Youth, ALJ). The ALJ offers voluntary workshop and internship opportunities to support the rapprochement of young NEETS with the labour market or education.

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