In 2018, The Ministry of Education, Children and Youth has launched Mengschoul, a platform aiming to help young people to find the right secondary programme and school to continue their education. Diversification of the school offer is a main priority of educational policies in Luxembourg. Recent reform offers growing autonomy to schools to push this diversification and to support school innovation efforts. With this development pupils have a larger choice of diverse secondary programmes, making their choice of the right programme and school more challenging while delivering the support provided in this platform.

The platform is targeted to pupils entering secondary education, students starting college and foreign students joining the Luxembourg school system. The user must first choose between the following three different programme categories: general secondary education, which includes European or British, international or French schools; higher (vocational) secondary education; or vocational secondary programmes. The user will then be led to an interactive map where choosing, for example, a certain vocational secondary programme allows filtering according to different initial VET programmes [vocational capacity certificate (CCP), vocational aptitude diploma (DAP), technician programme (DT)] or innovative projects focusing on areas such as entrepreneurship, media, languages and sport. Dependent on the user’s selection, the different schools offering the selected choice will be displayed on an interactive map.

A standardised detailed portrait is drawn for each school showing the domains/profile of the school and its services (library, catering, socio-educative service), external partners (companies, NGO, cultural associations), charter of the school, orientation activities, available certifications and a link to the school website. This tool helps parents and pupils to compare the offers from different schools and to make their choice according to their talents and interests.

Several videos are available on the Mengschoul platform providing information on employment sectors and training. The website was designed by EDUTEC.

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For further information on the different vocational programmes, please consult one of the following publications:

Cedefop; ReferNet (2016). Luxembourg: VET in Europe: country report 2016.

Cedefop; ReferNet (2016). Spotlight on VET Luxembourg.