A new Cedefop publication
ICT skills certification in Europe
(Cedefop Dossier) 2006, 118 pp.
Catalogue no.:TI-75-06-421-EN-C

A great variety of ICT certification schemes and systems exist throughout Europe. Certification and quality assurance in ICT education and training are extremely important for both employment in the ICT industry and as a basis for a sustainable professional career. CEPIS studied and compared, on behalf of Cedefop, existing approaches to e-skills certification in 21 European countries.

The survey aims to contribute to the current debate on promoting e-skills, to economic competitiveness, better jobs and social cohesion. It supports the current debate on skills frameworks, quality standards and the increasing attractiveness essential to this labour market segment.

The study focuses on investigating existing modes, procedures, methods and institutions responsible for e-skills certification and on their interests in sharing experience or increasing cooperation. It is intended to support and recommend joint actions to enable European policy and practice for certification, quality assurance and standardisation.