Cedefop is cooperating to the organisation of  the 7th EU presidency conference of lifelong guidance policy on 27-28/09/2017, organised by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research in the context of a joint event with the Estonian Presidency.

The overall theme of the events will be innovative information and communication technologies (ICT) and future co-operation in the field of lifelong guidance. The aims are to:

  • share innovative ICT practices;
  • disseminate tools and initiatives to support the development of ICT capacity of lifelong guidance,
  • facilitate future cooperation at European level.

The conference will be attended by around 200 participants involved in European, national and regional policy and practice of lifelong guidance. During the conference Cedefop will organise workshops to pilot and test its upcoming tools for guidance practitioners and careers service managers, including a handbook on transferability of practices, a practitioners’ toolkit and a training modules.