A combined event for the Icelandic skills contest and introduction to upper secondary school studies was held in Iceland beginning of March 2014. For three days youngsters gathered in Reykjavik to see what is on offer for the foreseeable future.

Some 180 young people competed in the skills contest in 24 different professions. For the competitors, participation at World skills is of course the most tempting prospect.

As for the introduction to upper secondary education, vocational schools drew the biggest crowd. Young people could test their skills in different trades. Guidance practitioners offered their services and the Educational Testing Institute responsible for online registration to upper secondary schools provided assistance.

All compulsory schools in the capital and many from neighbouring municipalities organised bus trips (paid for by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture) for their students and teachers to participate in the event.

An estimated 7 500 to 8 000 people visited the event, many of them young people still unclear about which educational pathway to choose. As this is their first major life decision, it is important they are aware of all career opportunities and receive assistance with making their choice. As follow-up, counsellors in compulsory schools will provide guidance and help the youngsters digest the information they gathered during the event.

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