The two Audi subsidiaries Lamborghini and Ducati are celebrating a milestone in their joint social project on dual education in Italy (DESI).

Since September 2014, Lamborghini and Ducati have been developing a new process for vocational education and training (VET) in Italy, based on the German dual system. The companies have established a two-year joint education and training plan for 48 young people. The programme is primarily aimed at socially disadvantaged young people. All participants will be able to work on current Ducati and Lamborghini models during their training. After two years, they will receive an official college certificate, a certificate from Ducati or Lamborghini, and State recognition from the regional administrative office of Emilia Romagna.

In advance of the practical phase, Audi trained eleven Italian trainers and project employees for their tasks locally, including technical, didactic and pedagogical aspects.  

Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Lamborghini, commented: ‘The DESI project is part of our corporate social responsibility strategy, it puts the accent on professional training. DESI develops professional competences of socially disadvantaged youth by integrating them into a company’s organisation and culture. Training means gaining a competitive advantage – a benefit for individuals and companies.’

Ducati CEO, Claudio Domenicali, stated that dual training has a fundamental role in the corporate responsibility strategy of Ducati: ‘With the DESI programme Ducati shows its commitment towards sustainable training for young people. With this innovative dual education system we set up new standards in Italy und create opportunities for participants.’

Gunnar Kilian, chairman of the Volkswagen employees' foundation, remarks: ‘We are very satisfied with how well the project is developing. In the new training centres, socially disadvantaged young people will receive first-class VET. Thus, we are creating urgently required future prospects for southern Europe.’

The Volkswagen employees' foundation invested EUR 2 million in the DESI project, with another EUR 1 million from Audi. With this flagship project, Audi is making use of experience gained in Hungary, Belgium and China, where the company has already established the dual system.

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