The federal government portal Recognition in Germany is now available in eight languages. The existing versions in English and German have been joined by information pages in Greek, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Spanish and Turkish.

Project manager Claudia Moravek states that ‘Addressing people in their native language is an expression of our welcoming culture’.

The website can be used to find out more about recognition procedures, bodies responsible for the recognition process and advisory services. Depending on occupation or country of origin, recognition of qualifications may be mandatory, as is the case in most health care occupations, or may be optional and a valuable addition to job applications, helping employers to evaluate better the qualifications of future employees.

Many immigrants want to gain a foothold in Germany quickly, which may lead to their taking the next best job. ‘However, securing a job which corresponds to qualifications a person holds is important in achieving successful integration,’ stresses Claudia Moravek.

Much can be done before entering Germany. Those who already know beforehand which documents will be needed can save plenty of time and trouble during the recognition procedure in Germany. They can even submit an application while still abroad.

The portal’s different language versions seek to address such issues by making direct contact with those interested in migration in their native tongue. ‘This can also come as a considerable relief,’ continues Claudia Moravek. ‘The process may be long and complex in some cases, but it is made easier if there is no language barrier.’

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