The qualification initiative Digital change Q 4.0 (Digitaler Wandel Q 4.0) aims to support and qualify teachers and trainers. It focuses on the development of specific qualification programmes primarily for in-company trainers, but also for VET school teachers and experts involved in apprenticeship examination.

Digitalisation has a strong impact on skills and the role of teachers and trainers in VET. It affects not only their technical but also their didactic and pedagogical competences. They need to get familiar with a whole range of digital media, from learning programmes and platforms to specific technical tools and applications and to adapt their teaching and training methods.

In response to these challenges, the digital change Q 4.0 initiative was launched in 2019 to set up and test innovative continuing education and training concepts. These training concepts aim to strengthen the media and IT skills of teachers and trainers, as well as their ability to adapt the content of the training process to digital changes. While the qualification initiative considers regional and sector specific aspects, the sub-programme MIKA seminars, follows a more general approach, disregarding the specifics of the training place.

The qualification initiative will continue until 2022 and is implemented by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), which cooperates with the German Economic Institute (IW), the training providers of the economic sector and the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB).

At the final stage, the BMBF and the partners involved will decide in which format the developed qualifications will be introduced. They could take the form of nation-wide recognised additional qualifications, further training modules or become part of the Trainer Aptitude Ordinance (AEVO).

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