The European social partners have prepared Evaluation Report Framework of actions for the lifelong learning development of competencies and qualifications. This is an attempt to evaluate the impact of their actions on both companies and workers related to the framework signed up in March 2002.

The current evaluation report has been delivered after three annual reports about the annual actions carried out and focussing on the four priorities identified in the framework, which are as follows:

  • to identify and anticipate competences and qualifications needs;
  • to recognise and validate competences and qualifications;
  • to inform, support and provide guidance;
  • to mobilise resources.

The evaluation report comprises national evaluation reports jointly elaborated by social partners in the different Member States, which highlight the key features of social partners from 2003 to 2005 in order to promote above mentioned four priorities.

Cedefop according to its core mission supporting social partners in the field of lifelong learning has translated into French, German, Spanish and Italian languages this complementary measure looking for widest dissemination across social partners networks and trying to contribute on the further impact of the action at national, sectoral, company and local levels.

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