Cedefop’s first European opinion survey on vocational education and training (VET) provides unprecedented access to citizens’ opinions on awareness, attractiveness, experience and effectiveness of VET in the European Union (EU). To showcase the findings, Cedefop has developed data visualisations online.

The vast majority of EU citizens (86%) have heard of VET, but only half (48%) of respondents whose education was primarily general said they received information about VET when making a decision about their upper secondary education. This is one of the survey findings.

The opinion survey online allows users to explore all the findings via different interactive visualisations and consists of the following themes:

  1. Awareness and conceptualisation of VET: what do Europeans know about VET, how do they get information and what do they associate it with?
  2. Attractiveness: what image does VET have, what are its benefits and who is it good for?
  3. Experience/satisfaction: what do people think of their experience?
  4. Outcomes/effectiveness: how does VET improve employment, education and training prospects? What do people think of their role in society and the economy?
  5. Highlights: succinct information allowing comparison between countries.

There is also information on a country by country basis, making it is possible to see how people’s opinions about VET differ from one Member State to another.

In total, the opinion survey online comprises of:

  • over 35 500 face-to-face interviews conducted with EU citizens;
  • 28 Members States;
  • 57 questions across four themes;
  • generating more than 5 000 graphs and tables;
  • possibility to export each graph in six different formats.

Check out Cedefop’s VET opinion survey data visualisations!