The meeting of the European Council was preceded by an expos by the President of the European Parliament, Mr Hans-Gert Pttering, followed by an exchange of views.

1. Europe is united in its resolve that only by working together can we represent our interests and goals in the world of tomorrow. The European Union is determined to contribute its ideas of a sustainable, efficient and just economic and social order to the global process.

2. The European Union faces a twofold responsibility. In order to secure our future as an active player in a rapidly changing world and in the face of ever-growing challenges, we have to maintain and develop the European Union's capacity to act and its accountability to the citizen. That is why we have to focus our efforts on the necessary internal reform process. At the same time, the European Union is called upon to shape European policy here and now for the benefit of Europe's citizens.

3. The most recent positive results include the Roaming Regulation which reduces the cost of modern communication in Europe, the creation of the European payment area which makes travelling and living together easier in the EU and the constant improvement of consumer rights which guarantee citizens the same high standards across the entire European Union. [extract]

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