International Watch on Education in Prison is a tool for all stakeholders in the field of formal and informal education in prison (guards, detainees, NGOs, professionals, administrators, bilateral/multilateral agencies).

It offers a platform on which to publicise current actions and argue for the improved acknowledgement of the rights of every detainee to an education that enables him or her to shape his or her own life. It also insists that prison personnel and all those who work with detainees and their families must be able to register their work within a perspective of lifelong learning.

It is a repository of info rmation with respect to experiences, to the studies of working groups, and to local and national, governmental, intergovernmental and nongovernmental initiatives. It will also be a forum for discussion and, gradually, a reference centre on education in a prison environment. Education in prison is not second-class education for second-class people; it is an essential right of everyone, whatever their past.

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International watch on education in prison