In September 2016 the Government of the Republic of Croatia adopted the VET system development programme 2016-20. This was developed by the Croatian Ministry of Science and Education and the Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education, with support from key national stakeholders.

The programme is based on the 2014 Strategy for education, science and technology, and expands on it, relating directly and specifically to the Croatian VET system. It builds on VET system reform which began in 2006.

The strategy sets out detail for future development of the educational, technological and scientific systems in Croatia in the following years.

The programme targets activities and actions that will steer the VET system towards quality, efficiency, and attractiveness. It aims to make VET innovative and relevant, connected with the labour market, and enabling acquisition of competences for personal and professional development and lifelong learning. It foresees the development of new sector curricula, strengthening work-based learning, improving quality assurance in VET, and improving continuous professional development for teachers. It aims to raise the attractiveness of VET and increase mobility and employability of VET students.

The aims will be achieved through four priorities:

  • improving the relevance of VET to the labour market;
  • improving VET quality;
  • promoting VET excellence, attractiveness and inclusion;
  • internationalisation of VET and promotion of teacher and student mobility.

The first priority aims to improve VET by directing it towards labour market needs, assisted by the creation of new curricula, and by establishing a rational network of VET schools and programmes. The second priority envisions the establishment of a coherent system of VET quality assurance through four measures: creation of a unified QA system, modernisation of self-evaluation, using mechanisms for monitoring VET quality, and strengthening institutional capacities. Improvement of teacher CPD is also among the main goals. The third priority is primarily directed towards VET excellence and attractiveness, promoting student skills and competences through skills competitions, supporting innovation, improving the professional guidance system and supporting inclusion for all vulnerable social groups. The final priority plans for strengthening the international relevance of Croatian VET by supporting teacher and student mobility and providing Croatian VET with an international dimension.

The complete text of the programme, in Croatian and English, is available for download on the following links (Croatian version, English version).