The European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training, currently being introduced in several Member States, aims to make it easier for young and adult learners to train throughout Europe. A Cedefop workshop asks how best to involve the trainers.


Part of the ECVET implementation strategy involves identifying problem areas from tests and pilot phases and transferring good practices. But so far, too little attention has been paid to training providers and the trainers themselves.  Cedefop's workshop is intended to fill this gap.

An integral part of the European ECVET policy agenda, the workshop is designed to report on progress in ECVET implementation; to identify the factors that encourage or discourage involvement of providers and practitioners in ECVET, and to take better account of the needs of practitioners for testing and implementation. 

To contribute to the workshop, please send the workshop team a two-page abstract by 26 April. Your proposal should contain a clear and concise description of a problem statement, interim or final results of project, practice examples and/or research questions and findings. Details are provided in the attached document.



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