Cedefop’s web portal is undertaking a major makeover. In the second week of November, the new web portal will go live with a fresher look and feel, also providing several new features.

It will showcase Cedefop’s content in a more dynamic fashion, adopting a modular approach on the way information is organised. Users will be able to access the vast amount of content the agency produces from various entry points such as themes, publications and resources, events and projects, news and press and country specific data.

The new web portal will introduce more visuals, such as infographics, and more multimedia elements, such as videos and podcasts. Users will be invited to interact by posting comments on various services or products or by participating in discussion lists allowing them to gain direct access to Cedefop’s expertise.

Our aim is to create a lasting relationship with users, also initiating a lively interaction in our domain of expertise at European level.

Come back soon to check out our new web portal! 

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