With the launch of a new generation web portal, Cedefop sets the bar high and goes beyond the simple provision of static information.

Cedefop has been providing up to date, reliable and relevant information on its website since 1996. The Agency dedicates significant resources to ensure a positive web experience for its users.

The new portal empowers users with meaningful and actionable insights. At the same time, it continues to offer easy access to:

  • Cedefop’s publications and events;
  • news and videos;
  • country-specific findings;
  • statistical overviews;
  • indicators on vocational education and training (VET) and skills;
  • data visualisations and tools.

What’s new?

Thematic and focused access points compile related data and content across the Agency’s multiple datasets. This innovative approach entails new ways of presenting and understanding the Agency’s findings.

The thematic access points reflect Cedefop’s strategic vision and are organised as follows:

  • Skills and labour market;
  • VET knowledge centre;
  • Delivering VET and qualifications.

They are supported by transversal access points:

  • National VET systems;
  • Statistics.

The new portal is equipped with innovative data visualisations, interactive online tools, additional functionalities and a more powerful search function.

These upgraded features do not only allow easy access to content, they enable users to interact with the content across multiple datasets bringing together quantitative and qualitative content on VET, skills and qualifications.

We hope our new web portal meets your expectations!