Cedefop responded to the coronavirus pandemic, adapting to the pressing needs of an unprecedented emergency and managing to deliver the added value that is expected when it is most needed.

Cedefop managed to ensure full business continuity and achieve its 2020 targets and deliverables despite the unforeseen disruption brought on by the pandemic, by adopting a range of digital tools and practices:

  • full offsite operation by shifting to teleworking mode for nearly all staff;
  • provision of laptops and ICT equipment to staff;
  • use of online tools for day-to-day staff collaboration (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Trello);
  • shift to virtual conferences, workshops and internal meetings;
  • switch to online mode of operation for all administrative processes;
  • adopting paperless finance and procurement procedures;
  • fully remote HR selection procedures; 
  • provision of online training for staff.

Cedefop regularly produces coronavirus-related content.
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