The Agoria technological industry federation believes that, by 2030, almost all workers in Brussels will have to acquire new digital skills. The new training and employment centre DigitalCity is responding now to this increased training need and offers short- and long-term training courses.

Inaugurated online on October 2020, DigitalCity, Brussels' new training and employment Centre, is the result of collaboration between the public employment and training services Bruxelles Formation, Actiris, VDAB Brussels, the digital sector and social partners. To what purpose? It is designed to improve the economic situation of the digital sector by training jobseekers, workers, students and entrepreneurs in the latest IT technology and by anticipating companies' needs in terms of skilled labour.

DigitalCity offers a modern and welcoming environment over an area of 2,500 m2 consisting of 17 classrooms, fitted out with modern and innovative equipment. To fulfil its role of training the talents of the future, a team of 25 experts focuses its activities on three main areas:

  • training provision: DigitalCity offers a variety of training courses lasting up to seven months for jobseekers and employees. All courses are offered free of charge and qualify for a respective traineeship in a company; many conclude with an official certificate. Classrooms are equipped with high specification IT equipment, a digital media studio, dedicated networking technology (CISCO) and skills validation laboratories;
  • matching between trained jobseekers and company: public employment service advisors Actiris are on hand in the centre's premises to support jobseekers and play ’matchmaker’ between companies and jobseekers who have just completed their courses. Staff recruitment assistance is also available for companies.
  • monitoring of the IT sector: the centre assesses the IT situation in Brussels and Belgium on a regular basis to be able to organise and deliver activities to the meet the skills required on today’s labour market.

DigitalCity, Brussels' new training and employment Centre, puts the Brussels Region right at the heart of the digital revolution, which is already sweeping across the labour market.

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