The event

Cedefop and the Estonian presidency of the Council of the EU organised the 4th Cedefop Brussels seminar. These events, organised in cooperation with the rotating EU-Presidencies, build on the research carried out by Cedefop and address issues relevant to European debates on education, training and employment.

Event objectives

The seminar addressed the interaction between the vocational education and training system and a rapidly changing world of work: to what extent are developments in vocational education and training (VET) able to respond to changing labour markets and work environments? Is VET prepared for the future of work?

Target group

Brussels-based stakeholders from the Permanent Representations of Member States to the EU, European Commission, the European Parliament, European business and sector associations, trade union and employee organisations.



Agenda - Cedefop-EE presidency Brussels seminar VET and Future of work


How do vocational education and training systems respond to change Initial findings from Cedefop project on the changing role of VET - Jens Bjornavold


Changing jobs work and skills - Konstantinos Pouliakas


How Linkedin's Economic Graph helps to create jobs and growth



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