This major European conference will address the question of what strategies for social sciences and humanities are needed in Europe, and what are the best options for developing and implementing such strategies.

The conference will have a strong international and global dimension, taking fully into account the international position and presence of Europe in the world, and recognising the global nature of many of the issues addressed by social sciences and the humanities.

As well as discussing strategic issues for the social sciences and the humanities, the programme will include a strong scientific agenda. Based on past research and with the participation of internationally renowned researchers, it will discuss the elaboration of European research agendas in three interrelated areas which represent major challenges for the EU and span the breadth of the social science and humanities issues expressed in the Commission's proposals for the 7th Framework programme, namely:

  • Growth, competitiveness, employment and sustainability in a knowledge based society.
  • Societal trends and European citizens
  • Europe in the world: understanding changing interactions and interdependencies between world regions; and

The conference will seek to better define the overall framework of European strategies for the social sciences and humanities, and reflect on the arrangements that could ensure better co-ordination and coherence between the strategies of the various stakeholders within such a framework.

All conference sessions will involve distinguished invited speakers as well as significant opportunities for discussion, debate and active intervention by all participants.

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Event Date(s)
12/12/2005 - 13/12/2005
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