LEARNTEC, Europes largest combined conference and trade fair for educational and information technology, got off to a splendid start in new surroundings: at over 7.000 the number of visitors was on par with the high level of last year, even though IT fairs are on the decline worldwide.

The specialist conference registered sensational growth of almost 100 %. More than 1.000 listeners gathered before the top-class speakers, filling the conference rooms. Participants awarded top marks: 85 % of the trade fair visitors and 76 % of the conference guests said they were more than satisfied with LEARNTEC's new look.

 'The result proves that LEARNTEC is ideally located in the Internet capital and high-tech region Karlsruhe,' emphasises trade fair boss Gerald Bse. 'The new premises provide an optimum infrastructure for an event that deals with digital communication.'

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29/01/2008 - 31/01/2008
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