The European Union aims to achieve sustainable growth and a competitive low-carbon economy.

To accomplish this, its people must have the right skills to successfully manage the transition to greener job profiles and new green jobs.

Cedefop is co-organising a workshop with two members of the European Parliament: Chris Davies (Coordinator on the ENVI Committee) and Elisabeth Schroedter (Vice-President of the EMPL Committee).

The workshop will discuss:

  • What are the challenges for a greener, more resource-efficient Europe?
  • What are the emerging occupational profiles? 
  • What policy decisions does the European Union need to take?

Speakers will include László Andor (European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion), Jan Truszczyński (Director General for Education, Training, Culture and Youth), and representatives of industry and of the major social partner organisations.


  • Event Status:
    Open event with prior registration

Event details

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European Parliament, room ASP 5G2, 15h00 to 18h00
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