Following the tradition established by Brazil in 2002 and South Africa in 2004, International Adult Learners Week this year will be hosted by Norway, in conjunction with the national Norwegian Adult Learners Week. Jointly organized and supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research and the UNESCO Institute for Education (UIE), and in cooperation with the Norwegian UNESCO Commission, the Norwegian National Institute for Adult Education (Vox) and the Norwegian Association for Adult Education (NAAE), the event will take place in Oslo, Norway, on 24 - 26 October 2005.

The theme chosen for the event is Education for All in an Era of Increasing Mobility: The Implications for Adult Learning. It aims to provide a forum for exchange, policy dialogue and advocacy on the importance of adult and lifelong learning. Mobility will serve as the overall background against which the role of adult learning will be examined, on the one hand, through the lenses of the EFA agenda with a focus on life skills and, on the other hand, in the perspective of increasing participation as embedded in the CONFINTEA framework.

While the notion of mobility refers to geographical movements of individuals and groups both undertaken on a voluntary basis as well as with a view to forced migration mobility here also includes social, cultural and economical fluctuations and the rapid transformations of our physical and societal environments. From an educational perspective, mobility is marked by a constant path of learning and re-learning within a context of growing complexity. This means above all learning to change, and thus requires the acquisition of learning skills and access to ongoing learning opportunities for all.

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24/10/2005 - 26/10/2005
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