Topics to be discussed in the international conference include:
  • Changes in NSE in the context of modern ICT;
  • The individualization possibilities of the NSE process using ICT;
  • Proportion of instructive to constructive education in the NSE process using ICT;
  • Experience of ICT usage/implementation in the NSE process;
  • Ergonomical, ecological, philosophical, psychological, social and didactical aspects of using ICT in the NSE process;
  • ICT usage/implementation in the NSE process: development and tendencies;
  • Computer literacy of the NSE process participants;
  • Science teachers competence and its development in the field of using ICT;
  • Virtual teaching/learning environment and its usage in the process of teaching sciences in comprehensive school;
  • The possibilities of using virtual, mixed and added reality in the NSE process.


Event details

Event Date(s)
26/11/2009 - 29/11/2009
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