Building on Diversity: Transforming the future of Higher Education in Europe, supported by Oracle Corporation

The main objective of the conference is to show how developments in the areas of education and skills in the UK are contributing to the Lisbon goal for the EU to become by 2010 the most competitive knowledge based economy in the world, capable of sustained economic growth, with more and better jobs and greater social cohesion. We will focus on the UK presidency theme of Personalised Learning and three higher education themes of Quality Assurance, Funding, Leadership and Independence, and Universities and the Economy. These themes are underpinned by the concept of diversity in that there is no single way to reach the overall goal. We will take the opportunity to demonstrate the choices that the UK has made and show how different systems are compatible.

Universities and the Economy
Aim: to see how universities interrelate with the economy through business and other partners and to discuss how universities are contributing to skills development in terms of the Lisbon goal
Funding, Leadership and Autonomy
Aim: to discuss the sustainability of the HE sector and to share ideas about different ways to achieve this.
Quality Assurance
Aim: to consider the characteristics of a good QA system in the light of the outcome of the Bergen Ministerial Summit and to discuss what needs to be done to make a reality of the Bergen principles

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Event Date(s)
09/10/2005 - 11/10/2005
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United Kingdom
Invitation only


Sarah Wingfield
International Students Team