Why a Forum on Educational Innovations?
For some years, the crisis of schools, in a broader sense, was responsible for many initiatives within school establishments. Administration of institutions, instructors, teachers, as well as other factors within school partners were moved to fight against this school decadence. They were trying to make the school different. These innovating practices cover a broad range of actions: mini-enterprises, school newspaper or radio, preparation for the working life, tutoring, education about citizenship.... Many good practices which, often, remain little or badly known.

A great appointment of the world of education, in order to:
-share experiences during workshops where innovators will present their actions,
-meet projects managers,
- exchange ideas during debates animated by the journalists of Alter duc,
-discover and consult Internet site devoted to the innovations in education,
-take part in the ceremony of handing-over of the Innovation prizes in Education.

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Campus du Ceria