The European Civil Society Platform on Lifelong Learning (EUCIS-LLL) is pleased to announce the organisation of its next public hearing with the parnership of the European Economic and Social Committee : European education systems confronted with the challenges of the 21st century 5th of July 2007 - 14h to 17h, European Economic and Social Committee, Brussels

If this consultation is mainly focused on school education, it is largely inscribed in a lifelong learning perspective. Indeed, the children that get out of our educative systems have do be able to realise their own educative and professional paths by becoming lifelong learners . Adaptability, flexibility but also personal development are at the core of their capacity to integrate the labour market but also society as social actors and citizens.

The public hearing will deal with the reality(ies) of schools in Europe and their adaptation to the evolutions and changes of our societies, whether through the issue of intercultural dialogue and immigration, information and communication technologies, mobility, equality of chances, demographic changes or the assessment and management of schools.

This meeting, beyond the inventory that will be made, will allow the different actors from education and training to share their experiences and practices.

Draft programme enclosed. No participation fees are required. Travel and accomodation costs are not covered.

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