Mobility in Vocational Education and Training has been identified as a key element in the personal development of individuals, as well as in the training of technicians and professionals able to work in a global economy. In order to increase the number of people in VET mobility actions, the Regions become essential actors to guarantee the necessary conditions of quality and security, and to improve the internal and external transparency of the VET systems.

The objectives of this Conference are:

  1. To provide Regional Governments and Territorial Authorities with a forum for the exposition, sharing and debate of their respective contributions and actions carried out in the field of European projects aimed at the promotion of mobility.
  2. To highlight the role of the Regions before the European Institutions and the Member States as essential agents for the promotion of mobility.
  3. To jointly reflect on possible improvements of the actions performed by the Regions, in order to reach the objectives established by the Lisbon European Council and the Lifelong Learning Programme

Event details

Event Date(s)
26/05/2009 - 27/05/2009
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