The EADTU Working Conference 2005 is a prolongation of the conferences of EADTU to contribute to the creation of a European area of higher education. EADTU takes it up as a major challenge and regards the organisation of its 2005 Working Conference to be an essential stimulus for the awareness of the Bologna process and its continuation through the Lisbon strategies. According to the Lisbon strategy, the EU wants to become the world leading knowledge-based economy by 2010.

Contributing to the Lisbon objective, the 2005 Conference will focus on collaboration and competitiveness: enabling educational professionals to develop and strengthen inter-personal and inter-institutional relationships for the creation of new opportunities: opportunities which cannot be capitalised upon, on an individual basis. Collaboration will enable frontrunners to devise high quality education and develop new ways of delivery. It will provide institutions with the opportunity to strengthen their relational network and their national & international position, herewith simultaneously acting on such concerns as: student enrolment, student retention and international student mobility. In light of the Lisbon prospective, collaboration is an important way of improving the educational competitiveness i.e., being able to generate new products & services and climb the value chain. Accordingly, this years conference will have a Working Format.

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10/11/2005 - 11/11/2005
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