Main goal of the Workshop is the exchange of experience and partnership development among the 12 projects unfolding within the EQF call 2006 as well as the harmonization among their outcomes related to the NQFs and EQF.

The Workshop intends to bring together representatives of EQF projects, of the EU, of National Agencies with responsibilities in the qualifications domain, and other stakeholders interested in the qualifications issue.

The EU policy documents and recent developments in the field of education and training induced the need for a system-based and coherent manner in approaching the issue of NQFs in the sense of developing an overarching EQF.

At the present moment, the development of EQF and subsequent NQFs represents one of the strategic priorities on EUs agenda being part of the policy-making process in many countries. The interest in EQF is justified by the need for an increased transparency and facilitated comparability, as well as by the opportunity it offers to individuals to develop learning and career paths and to assess the values of their qualifications and competences on an internationalised labour market.

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29/05/2008 - 30/05/2008
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