The European Commission is seeking to enhance the quantity and quality of learners' mobility across Europe. In the field of vocational education and training, a special focus is set on persons in initial vocational training, especially apprentices.

To this effect, the European Commission intends to explore the possibilities of how to increase mobility specifically targeted at apprentices and trainees in work-based initial vocational training schemes.

The focus of the conference will be the discussion of conceptual approaches, institutionally and regionally, to enhance learners' mobility in this target group. Financial support models based on the cooperation between the actors at different levels will be under reflection.

The conference will take place on the day after the informal ministerial meeting on vocational education and training (follow-up of the Copenhagen Process), organised under the aegis of the French Presidency.

It will involve the relevant stakeholders, political decision-makers, professionals in vocational education and training and those responsible for mobility within the Leonardo da Vinci programme. A number of the winners of the "EuroSkills 2008" competition will also be invited.

Cedefop will be represented by Ms. Michaela Feuerstein and Ms. Eleonore Schmid.   

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