The information presented in this database with reference year 2020 reflects the findings of Cedefop’s study ‘Financial and non-financial incentives to encourage provision of and participation in training’ (ref: 2019-0162/AO/DLE/PMDFON-PLI/Support&Incentives/002/10-Lot 2).

Cedefop expert, Patrycja Lipińska, coordinated/managed the study. Two other Cedefop experts, Ernesto Villalba-Garcia, acting as a co-manager, and Ioannis Katsikis provided valuable support.

Research was carried out by 3s Unternehmensberatung GmbH, Austria (consortium leader) together with Visionary Analytics, Lithuania.

The database brings together a significant amount of information on financing adult learning across EU countries, which largely relies on the data provided by national experts. The data was quality checked but may be further reviewed based on the feedback received from the users. 

The database is the outcome of a team effort. Cedefop's contributors are:

  • Patrycja Lipińska, Ernesto Villalba-Garcia and Ioannis Katsikis (during his working on the database development April-December 2022):  concept, structure
  • Nancy Touissant, Michail Ioannidis and Ioanna Giannopoulou: web development and users support
  • Sorhna-Paule Perrot (during her traineeship February-July 2023) and Maria Karamanoli: technical/editing support

The information presented in this database with reference year 2015 builds on the previous Cedefop study ‘Financing adult learning in the EU Members States’ which included the surveys of national experts/stakeholders.