This database is the main source of information about vocational education and training (VET) systems in the European Union, Iceland and Norway.

It helps policy makers, social partners, researchers and other stakeholders better understand similarities and differences of national VET systems through easy-to-navigate up-to-date descriptions that are structured by theme. The database also contains detailed information about each VET programme type, including qualification levels, share of work-based learning, providers, target groups, etc.

Cedefop has designed, piloted and populated the database in close cooperation with national partners with the view to provide access to VET system information for all but also to meet specific needs of users. These needs were identified during the pan-European ex-ante evaluation that preceded the development of the database.  

Data collection for this database is being supported by ReferNet – a network of institutions across Europe representing all Member States, plus Iceland and Norway. The network is partly financed by the European Union and provides Cedefop with information and analysis on national vocational education and training.

Cedefop populated the database for the first time in 2019. Updates are foreseen every two years. The database will also contain the historical data.

Please cite as:

Cedefop and ReferNet (2021). Vocational education and training in Europe: 2021 update [database].

Information about how to cite individual country data is included in downloadable PDF reports. Click on ‘download report’ from the country page to access them.

The opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Cedefop. Reproduction is authorised, provided the source is acknowledged.  


Cedefop: Dmitrijs Kuļšs (project manager, concept, design, working with data and testing), Loukas Zahilas and George Kostakis (supervision), Nancy Toussaint, Michail Ioannidis and Stella Papargeris (development support), Silke Gadji, Nikolaos Georgiadis, Jelena Letica, Vicky Oraiopoulou and Iraklis Pliakis (testing and working with data), Alessandro Tronconi and Stephen Schindler (support).   

ReferNet National partners (testing, data supply and validation)