Focus area
General information on skilled worker shortages by occupation and skills level at the local level.
Implementation level
At what level is the initiative implemented?
Starting period
TIMESPAN: In what year did the initiative commence?
Since 2012
PERSPECTIVE: is the initiative based on evidence derived from skill forecasts or foresight activities?
No, it is based on data collected by the German PES.
Policy area
To which POLICY AREAS(s) does the initiative apply?
Please tick all that apply
How it is funded?
Funded by German PES.

Skill mismatch

Skill mismatch target
What type(s) of skills MISMATCH does the initiative aim to addresses?
Skill shortages (employers cannot fill their vacancies due to a lack of skills in the labour market)
To address future skills mismatch
Skills matching focus
How does  the initiative address skills mismatches?
The initiative highlights sectoral or occupational skills shortages by broad requirement levels (skilled workers, specialists, experts).
Employers/employees to be prepared for future skills mismatch by gathering information on the website.


What methods of undertaking skills assessments and / or skills anticipation does the policy instrument utilise?
Data of the German PES.
Use of skills intelligence
How is labour market information / skills intelligence used within the initiative?
Visual presentation of relevant LMI.
Visual presentation of relevant LMI.
Visual presentation of relevant LMI.


Main responsible body
Main body or organisation with overall responsibility for the initiative.
National PES
Federal Employment Agency
Regional PES
Regional offices of the Federal Employment Agency
Who are the intended beneficiaries?
The instrument visually prepares LMI that might otherwise not be very approachable. All parties who want to be informed about the level of skills mismatch in various occupations benefit from this form of presentation as it is much easier to interpret than tables in labour market reports.


Success factors
SUCCESS FACTORS in the implementation
Increasing availability and use of the internet should have broaden the user base of the instrument.
BARRIERS in the implementation
An internet access is needed to access the website.
Monitoring and evaluation
MONITORING and EVALUATION: Is progress measured regularly? What are the indicators used to measure progress of the policy instrument? Have any evaluations been conducted?
Progress could be measured by monitoring the number of users. However, no information is publicly available if this is actually measured.
UPDATES: whether there have been any major updates of the initiative since it has been implemented?
EVIDENCE ON EFFECTIVENESS: How effective is the policy instrument?
No information is publicly available.
SUSTAINABILITY: How sustainable is the policy instrument? Do you expect the instrument to continue over the next few years and why?
Yes, as monitoring of skilled workers shortage will remain very important.

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