Reference year 2019

    Understanding of apprenticeships in the national context

    Q2. Is there an official definition of ‘apprenticeship’ or ‘apprentice’ in your country?

    As per Article 41 of Legislative Decree 81/2015, apprenticeship in Italy is ‘an employment contract for an indefinite period aimed at the training and employment of young people’[1]. It is aimed at the achievement of an educational qualification and/or an occupational qualification – depending on the type of apprenticeship – through the combination of work-based learning and education and training delivered by training institutions, and work experience. 


    Q3. At which level do apprenticeship schemes exist in your country?
    At upper secondary level
    At post-secondary (not tertiary)
    At tertiary level
    At sectoral level

    There are three apprenticeship schemes in Italy:

    Type 1: Apprenticeship for Vocational Qualification and Diploma, Upper Secondary Education Diploma and High Technical Specialisation Certificate, which are qualifications at upper-secondary and post-seconday levels (Apprendistato per la qualifica e il diploma professionale, il diploma di istruzione secondaria superiore e il certificato di specializzazione tecnica superiore).
    Type 2: Professional apprenticeship (Apprendistato professionalizzante), which is for occupational qualification with no educational value.
    Type 3: Higher Training/Education and Research apprenticeship, for qualifications at tertiary level (Apprendistato di alta formazione e ricerca).

    Q4. How well-established are apprenticeship schemes in your country?
    A long history (before 2000)
    A recent history (in 2000s)
    Pilot scheme

    Apprenticeships were first regulated in 1955. Apprenticeship schemes were reformed and substantially innovated in 2003, 2011 and in 2015 with the aim of promoting the integration of young people into the labour market.

    Q5. Relevant information that is essential to understanding the specificity of apprenticeships in the country and which does not fit under the scheme specific sections below.

    Type 2 “Professional apprenticeship” is not covered by a scheme fiche in Cedefop database,  as this scheme does not lead to a formal qualification in the education and training system, but it contributes to the professional development of people who want to get an occupational qualification.